Work Experience

Year 12 W Exp Consent_Form A5 - final v - 2020.docx
YEAR 12 JMS Basic Notification Sheet - 2020.docx
Year 12 SOP Student Own Placement form JMS_2020.docx

Work Experience Forms - Deadline 30th April

Medical and Consent Forms are for everyone doing Work Experience, regardless of whether it is outside of Oxfordshire.

Application form with School Logo is for all placements within Oxfordshire.

"Own Placement" Form is for all placements that fall outside of Oxfordshire.

Remember to get prior agreement from Mr Duckham before agreeing to Work Experience outside of Work Experience week.

in2scienceUK 2019 Poster_.pdf

Excellent Opportunity

Could be your Gold Residential? Perfect for supporting a UCAS application? Or could be your Work Experience.


STill looking for work Experience

Regular updates on these pages for the latest opportunities. Please check regularly

microbit gap year 2019.pdf

GAP Year opportunity

Paid gap year position - application deadline 11th May