Record number of UCAS Early Applicants (15/10/20

The deadline for early UCAS applications did not pass unnoticed at JMF6. Students and tutors between them managed to get 34 applications off, either to meet the Oxbridge deadline, or take advantage of being the first to be considered by other Russell Group universities. A mammoth effort, that proves we won't be denied by Covid in getting the best outcomes for our students.

Cross School Jackanory (15/10/20)

Year 12 manage to read allowed to Year 7, whilst maintaining their bubbles. 12CLW provided year 7 with live virtual readings of Harry Potter, alongside some physical resources to help stimulate the youngsters. This is part of the drife to make sure that despite Covid, the students of JMF6 are visible leaders of the school, demonstrating enjoyment. creativity and the importance of literacy. There will be a chapter a week to look forward to.

Exams - its the new normal (15/7)

Year 12 Graphics students wrestle with their end of year assessment today. Its almost as though we have never been away

And they weren't alone....

The Fine Art students were in the next room, similarly challenging their creative juices. Bring on September.

JMF6 is under siege (10/7/20)

Tim Steadman from JMF6 has spent a large part of lockdown working on this Extended Project Qualification - he aimed to produce a lifesize working trebuchet. Today saw it's arrival on the school field for it's debut test session. Using only gravity and a very large weight, it slung a variety of missiles over 40 metres, doing so with silent elegance and beauty.

Virtual PIE July 2020 Year JF6.mp4

JMF6 Parent Information Evening July 1st 2020

Please click on the picture to watch the Virtual PIE to accompany the Taster Experience

Taster Day Virtual Presentation.pptx

We're Back (29 June 2020)

Next year's year 12 were invited to attend Virtual Taster Experiences this week. 150 students were able to watch presentations on all aspects of life at JMF6, including presentations on the Duke of Edinburgh, the EPQ, Work Experience and all subjects. The PP presentation is here is you wish to remind yourself of it.

JMF6 at the Model United Nations at Magdalen School (1/3/200

9 students from JMF6 showed their global awareness and debating prowess at the weekend. Hayden, Benoit, Gray, Solange, Callum, Daniel, Maddie, Nadia, Jonathan and Nick first listened to the opening address from Professor Eugene Rogan and then took part in committee discussions as part of the Security Council sessions. Certificates for all for their efforts on Saturday, with possible prizes to come.... You will be kept posted

Explosive start to Science mentoring (28/2/20)

For the second year, Year 12 Science students from JMF6 joined forces with their peers from Abingdon School to plan and deliver science GCSE sessions to year 10 students from all the schools in ABingdon. AS well as demonstrating high levels of technical know how, the leadership that they are showing in working with younger students will lead to an ASDAN Leadership qualification.

Pathways stretch out ahead (13/2/20)

A key part of the year 12 experience is thinking about where the next step after school might be. This week saw the formal process of working towards this begin at JMF6. Students attended a day at Oxford Brookes University, where they were given a taste of what a day as a student is like. Talks at Abingdon School on UCAS and Oxbridge applications were attended by a large group from JMF6, and the first step in personal statement writing begins tomorrow.

Public Transport to not be free (5/2/20

If 12 CGP have anything to do with it. Debate first time-timers, Morgan and Millie gave impassioned speeches that saw the motion for free public transport voted down

Allenamento di sci (6/2/20)

The year 12 students going skiing this Easter to Italy get a feel for the slopes on the training day to Milton Keynes

Reading support (6/2/20)

Ella and Miya are just 2 of the more than 100 students from year 12 who continue to provide reading and maths support for younger students on Friday afternoons.

First Aid covered. (31/1/20)

Sixth Form student Yigit volunteered himself to be manhandled on a stretcher as part of the staff training for their outdoor First Aid qualification. Without this, there would be no Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards, so we thank him, and apologise to his family, who saw the pictures before there was an explanation!

Debate sees a four day week for schools approved! (31/1/20)

THe weekly debate came up with a not entirely surprising result. A packed house voted in favour of the proposal for school to have a shortened week of only four days. Argument was lively, the new chairs worked well together to maintain order, and 12CGP won the day.

It's back, but better (24/1/20)

Public debating returned to JMF6 this week, with the Year 12 students picking up the baton of argument from Year 13. 12EET (Ross and Antos) and 12RAC (Nick and Cerys) fought tooth and nail to decide whether America should be the world's policeman. Topical, trenchant, skilled and quirky in all hte right places, this was the perfect debate to launch the new season.

Record number of Oxbridge offers (17/1/20) -

Our aspirational side by side ethos is slowly but surely paying off as JMF6 doubled the number of Oxbridge offers that our students gained. Our Russell Group Pathways programme is not in its third year, and each year has seen a twofold increase. From 1, to 2, and this year to 4*. Congratulations to Will, Abigail, Hayden and Jonathan. Now just a small matter of getting those A*'s.

*maths students will notice that a sustained progression rate like this will see 256 Oxbridge offers in very short order

Christmas Quiz Chaotic Scenes 17/12/19

12RAC nicked the final quiz prize of the year from 13DSL, as a rammed Main Hall saw 200 students enjoy Tutor Group Christmas song videos, and fight for the final prize in the white hot heat of quizzing combat.

It's really beginning to feel a bit like Christmas (16/12/19)

160 students from JMF6 descended on the Oxford Spires Hotel in on the Abingdon Road for the annual Winter Ball, to let their hair down at the end of a gruelling term. Party hats, party tunes and vigourous dance moves abounded, as this delightful group of students showed us exactly why we are so proud of them.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Liberals win!! (12/12/19)

JMS has spoken. 567 votes were cast in a pulsating mock election at school today. A speed count that would have put Sunderland to shame saw the results announced this afternoon, after the polling station had closed at 2.15. p.m. The Liberal vote come in at 45% with Labour on second with 35%. The remaining votes were split between the Conservatives and the Brexit party. Over the last three weeks, students throughout the school have been debating topical issues, led by Sixth Form public debates, but party identity for these and the ballot itself was kept anonymous. This was democracy as the Greeks intended, untainted by tribal loyalties.

An now on to the real thing...........

Peer Support Leads take the lead (28/11/19)

Last night, the Year 12 Peer Support Leads from across all the Abingdon schools came to John Mason for their training session on depression. It was a thought-provoking and challenging event - further evidence of the cutting edge work that JMF6 continues to do in the field of mental health for teenagers

JMF6 17 - Larkmead 2 - Netball came home! (25/11/19)

It was billed as a grudge match, but it turned out to be a walk in the park. A raucous and highly musical crowd watch on in admiration as the newly formed JMF6 Netball team coasted/romped to victory.

The Election comes to JMF6 (13/11/19)

A packed house of nearly 200 6th Form students from across Abingdon, came to question the local candidates for Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran (Lib Dem) and James Fredrickson (Con). they were both challenged by incisive and thoughtful questioning, by sixth form students whose political awareness has been honed by the weekly debates. Bring on the 12th December!

Sixth Form vote themselves out of a vote (8/11/19)

In a fiery and tense debate on Friday, there was a narrow victory against the proposition that the voting age should be extended to 16 year olds - oh, and made compulsory. Incisive questioning, rising passions, and a particularly eloquent Year 7 contributor made this one of the best debates yet. If i was a visiting politician coming to the school in the next few days as part of the General Election, I might be a little worried.........

Going from strength to strength (7/11/19)

Last night saw over 200 people attend the JMF6 Open Evening. Students and parents from John Mason, Fitzharrys, and schools from all over Oxfordshire, came to see why JMF6 has been rated an outstanding provider of 16-19 education. Staff and students were on hand to answer all their questions as they embark upon this most important of decision making processes.

Mathletes at Oxford University (30/10/19)

Mr Smart and his group of Year 12 mathletes attend a lecture at the Oxford University Mathematics Institute. This is now an integral part of the development of maths at JMF6 - regular exposure to the most challenging of mathematics at the best university in the world. Holly, Antos, Alex and Juliet got to wrap their heads around Jon Chapman, talking about waves and resonance: from musical instruments to vacuum cleaners, via metamaterials and invisibility cloaks.

Comfortable for JMF6 (24/10/19)

The JMF6 team jog back after celebrating Cameron King's 30 yard pile-driver, that had set the seal on a comfortable 4-1 victory at local rivals Larkmead. Goals from James Donovan, and a deft flick from Jack Prior had turned the game around after Larkmead took a surprise lead through former JMF6 stalwart, Nathan Green. A capacity crowd had witnessed the outstanding local sixth form put on a footballing show.

Lockdown Training (21/10/19)

The whole of JMS had their formal lockdown training this Monday. This is a vital part of keeping students safe at school in the event of a one-off incident of threat. The protocol demands that students get under desks in the room they are in and remain locked in until the all clear. JMF6 students in the Library showed how it should be done.

Gob Swab - the Sequel (23/10/19)

For the second year running, JMF6 students stepped up to donate their stem cells in support of the Antony Nolan Trust. A busy lunchtime saw the JMF6 Ambassadors manage a huge flow of students having their saliva taken and added to the database.

A surprising result from the weekly debate (10/10)

Apparently, politicians are entitled to private lives. The Sixth Form were persuaded so by Mia and Max of 13 AKG in a typically rumbustious and lively lunchtime debate. Boris and Donald can sleep easily in their beds.....

110 Year 12 students meet 320 Year 7 and 8 students for an afternoon of sums (10/10)

The Friday afternoon support session for younger students saw maths take centre stage this week. Sums were done by the hundred, as the older students passed on their expertise.

Peer Support Leads Conference (3/10/19)

Our 18 Peer Support Leads represented JMF6 at the the Peer Support Conference at St Helens and St Katherines yesterday. The programme leaders were highly complementary, noting that JMF6 students were way ahead of the other schools in terms of "what they were doing, relationships made, ideas, confidence, and impact".

Year 12 take their first leadership steps (27/9/19)

As part of their leadership programme, all year 12 students at JMF6 spend time supporting students in year 7 and 8 with their reading and maths. This week was their first day with their new learning companions - it was a delight to see 100 pairs of students, dotted around the school, reading together, and talking about the value of learning. Next week, maths, and then reading and then maths.......

Epic climate change debate (27/9/19)

Year 13 resumed their public lunchtime debates this week, as thought the summer break had not happened. 13RMM took on 13RWM to see if the house did indeed believe that protest against climate change was futile. It was fiery, combative, eloquent and trenchant in equal measure. Andrew Holme, librarian, reported that it was the best one yet. For the record, 13RWM won, but in reality, debating was the winner

And so it begins..... (22/9/19)

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Canoe training started today with the first 16 of 87 participants hitting the water in a day of baking sunshine and torrential showers. They learned turning, stopping, equipment care and best of all, capsizing and rescue. 87 is a hugely ambitious number to be putting up for D of E Gold, but we could not have made a better start.

Peer Support Leads take their first solo steps (17/9/19)

Our team of 20 Peer Support Leads have completed their three months of training and introduced themselves to students from lower down the school this week in House Assemblies. They are primed to circulate the school at social times to offer help and support whereever and however it is needed.

Duke of Edinburgh Enrolment (17/9/19)

Enrollment time for the D of E Gold is upon us, and time is pressing. Because of the weather, we need to be on the water for initial training this weekend and next week. Please follow the link to this letter, check the App or Parentmail, or ask for a hard copy so that you are included on the list.

Enrollment letter 2019-20 Gold

JMF6 students return from Kenya (3/9/19)

220 students will be returning to JMF6 tomorrow, and they all will have stories to tell of their summers. However, three students, under the careful guidance of Ms Gray are returning from four weeks in Kenya. They went as part of the Camps international programme, to not only go on safari, but to work with environmental projects and buildings programmes for the locals. Mia, Maddie and Amy, we all look forward to finding out much more about your experiences.

Rory the therapy dog gets ready for action (3/9/19)

JMF6 is pleased to introduce Rory, our Cocker Spaniel Therapy Dog. Over the next month, he will be in the 6th Form Centre for an hour or two a day, seeing if he likes this place. If he passes this pilot phase, he will move on to become a key part of the JMF6 strategy for tackling the increasing number of mental health issues that are affecting 6th Form students in the modern world.

Year 12 return from Work Experience (15/7/19

53 Year 12 students spent last week at a wide variety of establishments, ranging from the media department at Oxford United, the History Department at Magdalen College History Faculty, the NHS Occupational Therapy Unit, the Scottish Government Climate Change department in Edinburgh, BMW, architects, structural engineers and so on and so on. These are invaluable experiences for personal development, but also as first steps on the way to becoming professional citizens.

Transition work for rising year 12's (10/7/19)

Our incoming Year 12 students will be pleased to hear that copies of the holiday work set during Induction Week are available at

Year 12 learn the Art of Self-Defence (9/7/19)

On Friday, Jordan Squires, former student and self-defence expert, delivered a training session to Year 12. An invigorating session saw the students practice positioning, attitude and basic defence moves, which they did with unexpected enthusiasm. The ideal preparation for them, as they set off on their week of work experience! At least we know they will be safe.

Good lord, what an evening (2/7/19)

The Sixth Form Summer Ball at Milton House Hotel took place last night. The sun shone, and staff and students enjoyed the fine weather, food and music but mostly each others company, until the early hours. It was an epic way to say our final farewells to a truly special group of Year 13 students.

Year 13 Leavers Day (1/7/19)

Year 13 came to school for the very last time today. There was a short presentation and a brunch, prior to the Summer Ball this evening, designed to mark their passage into the adult world. They are as fine a group of students as we have had at JMS, and they go into the world with our best wishes.

Taster Day for incoming Year 12 at JMF6 (25/6/19)

Nearly 120 students from across Oxfordshire tasted the outstanding quality that JMF6 offers students. They tried out lessons in their favoured subjects, spent time considering the Enrichment options of the D of E Gold Award, and EPQ's, and worked on teamwork, resilience co-ordination whilst out on paddle boards on the River. Two well-deserved months off now, before results, enrolment interviews, and a whole new way of learning.

Click here to view the Parent Information PowerPoint slide show

Year 12 play a key role in stunning Sports Day (21/6/19)

The John Mason Sports Day this year was a triumph, with a whole raft of new field events being moved to the Tilsley Park venue. It gave a renewed energy to this annual sporting jamboree, with a much increased level of student involvement, and a real buzz about the place. Year 12 students played a crucial role in this - supervising, measuring and encouraging younger students to compete to their best. Ofsted was correct to describe our sixth from students as 'role models for younger students' in their report of a few weeks ago.

Debating out - tennis in (21/6/19)

Summer weather made it to JMF6 this week, leading to a temporary suspension of lunchtime debating, to be replaced with Sixth Form 'Social' Tennis. There is a definitely a ball in the air in one of the photos, which suggests some ability was shown.

White hot debating sees a marginal result for 12ADM today (14/6/19)

The debate to decide if the citizenship of Shamima Begum should be revoked, brought in the crowds to the LRC, and raised the bar for the standard of debate. High level oracy, sharp points of order and use of technical data were all highlights of a knife-edge occasion. Alfie and Benoit just snuck the result against the motion, but Billy and Kieron were slick, unruffled and professional

Student Committees are up and running (14/6/19)

Our new Senior Student Team (SST) hit the ground running this week, when the newly formed committees (click here for details) began their work. All year 12 students are attached to a committee and they are already in the process of writing terms of reference, planning activities and allocating jobs. The Campaigns group have chosen recycling as a focus,and took their first practical step this week by creating a system for re-using textbooks of Year 11 students who have now finished their exams.

House Spelling Bee, up and runing (sic). (7/6/19)

EAch week until the end of term, nervous year 7 and 8 students will take part in the inaugural House Spelling Bee. Year 12 students have organised and will strictly supervise each forms contribution. Every child in each from will have spent the week learning their word, to be tested in front of their peers. Results on Monday.

Black Dog meets Year 12 (7/6/19)

Year 12 today met the Black Dog of Oxfordshire, Sirius. He is with us for two weeks to raise awareness about depression.

Some background about The black dog: The image of the Black Dog has been used from classical mythology through medieval folklore to modern times as a universal metaphor for depression and other mental illnesses. Sir Winston Churchill famously used it to describe his darker moods. Today the image represents the commitment of our campaign to raise awareness of mental illness. By encapsulating mental illness through the physical manifestation of the Black Dog, we enable people to visualise just how powerful, dominating and unpredictable it can be, whilst simultaneously affording them hope: dogs, like mental health conditions, can be tamed.

End of term arrangements for Year 12 (6/6/19)

Year 12 will finish their lessons this year at the same time as the rest of JMS. Work Experience week is the 8th-12th July, which gives a week and a half after that for normal lessons. School will end at 1.00 p.m. on

52 Year 12 Students complete their Assessed Expeditions (1/6/19)

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

This half term is an important one for the majority of Year 12. A key part of the Sixth form experience is 'Character Education', and training for and completing the Expedition element of their D of E Gold Award is a critical part of this. Learning to plan together, show resilience when the going gets tough, and build a cohesive team are all key demands of the expedition and skills that once learned, will stay with students forever. There were JMF6 students on the Wye for all nine of the days of half term, and they are to be applauded for their successful completion of this element. Gratitude also to Etienne, Alan and Miss Gray for providing the crucial staff support

Four days in and they look like pros (28/5/19)

The first group of year 12's have made it to the Tresseck Campsite for their last 'sleep' before coming home. According to Rhod, the instructor, they are complete professionals in every aspect of the experience - paddling, camp craft, but most importantly, team work.

Having said that, they are all looking forward to coming home.

Next group leaves tomorrow......

Year 12 Lead Athletics

Year 12 PE students officiate at the English Schools Track and Field event at Horspath. They are helping manage the athletes and help with measuring and recording

Time for a breather (23/5/19)

The exam hall is beginning to empty as we head for the half term break. 7 A-Levels completed for our suffering Year 13 students, who can now re-group over the next week, avoid the warm weather and tackle their revision plans so they can go again on the 3rd June.

Good luck to all Year 13 (20/5/19)

The exam season begins in earnest today. Every day for the next month, our Year 13 students will be queuing up morning and afternoon at the Sports Hall to prove that they have what it takes to pass. On behalf of the staff at John Mason, I am sure we all wish them the very best of luck.

Peer Support Training Begins (17/5/19)

Nineteen Year 12 students have come through a strenuous and demanding selection process to begin their peer support training at Abingdon School, as part of a partnership with local sixth forms. Under the expert guidance of Nick Luxmoore, the leader in this field, our students will return to school ready to play a critical role in supporting younger students in coping with teenage life.

Year 13 Final attendance arrangements (16 May 2019)

Exams begin next week. Attendance at school must be according to the following guidelines

1. Attend all exams

2. Attend all subject lessons up to the exam in that subject.

3. Attend at least one tutor sessions a week, agreed with your tutor

These are basic requirements - you can of course be here for as much time as you wish. Staff are always around to help study, revision of anything else that is worrying you

Year 13 Strike Gold at the Palace (13/5/19)

Twenty-three of Year 13's finest enjoy the sunshine at Buckingham Palace, as they receive their much deserved Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards. Two years of hard work and dedication well rewarded, as teary parents and teachers look on.

Gob Swab! (8/5/19)

John Mason students queued up today to register their stem cells with the Antony Nolan Trust, which could save lives. Swabs were taken from the mouths of 75 Year 12 and 13 students, any one of which could prove a life saver further down the line.

Year 12 support for the Year 10 Bronze Expedition (5/5/19)

AS part of their commitment to the JMS Community, Year 12 Gold D of E students support the Year 10 student at their first expedition at Youlbury this weekend. They walked with them, helped them plan their routes, and were on hand to provide proper 'student' advice from their own experiences. And they gave up their free time to do it.

EPQ presentations - Year 13 (3/5/19)

JMF6 is making the EPQ a key part of provision for all our Year 12 and 13 students. On Friday, we saw the first batch of year 13 students make their presentations at the end of a year long process of research, drafting, questioning, interviewing and writing. They presented to the current year 12 on issues such as the effects of micro gravity in space, sickle cell anemia, Karl Marx and his impact on industrialism, the use of algorithms to predict the results of professional tennis and the macro ethics that surround weapons engineering. The five presenters spoke with the eloquence, confidence and assurance of true experts. They are ready to take their place in the professional world.

UCAS Fair - Year 12 plan their next steps (2/5/19)

Year 12 went for a day to the University of Winchester to help them identify possible courses and venues for their pathways post 18.

Year 12 Mock Exam Timetable - (updated 29/4/19) Click here

Death Penalty not for Year 12 (26/4/19)

The 12LRH Debating Team comfortably defeated 12ADM in deciding whether to re-introduce Capital Punishment to the UK. Pluck and persuasive arguments on both sides.

Transition Tea - Year 12 Peer Counsellor Candidates get their first run out (25/4/19)

JMF6 are proud to be launching a Peer Counselor Programme. 25 year 12 students are currently undergoing a rigorous selection process, trying to get one of the places on the coveted training course. They had a rewarding time tonight assisting our future Year 7 students as they experienced their first JMS lesson at the Transition Tea today.

Year 12 Mock Exam Timetable - (25/4/19) Click here

Extended Project Qualifications up and running. (24/4/19)

Our pilot group of Year 13 students are nearing the end of their EPQ journey. Presentations are being made to groups of Year 12 students over the next few weeks, with Alexandria Thomas first up, giving an insightful analysis of the influence of punk music.

A2 timetable now available (23/4/19)

Please use this to check against your own individual timetable that will be distributed this week

D of E Gold Award - Thames Practice Expedition Groups 7-11th April

(7th April 2019)

Both Year 12 groups are undertaking their practice expeditions in the first week of the Easter holidays

See D of E Page for more photos and updates

Head girl and Head Boy Elect (5th April 2019)

Congratulations to Billy Burnham and Sky Manthey who survived a tortuous selection process to be appointed our Head Girl and Boy for next year.

Welcome to the new Senior Student Team (5th April 2019)

12-RMM win a close Round two of the debate league

An attentive audience listens as 12RMM and 12ADM try to persuade the audience of their position on animal testing. The quality of debating was strong, and there were only two votes in it at the end

Year 13 Final Weeks - Attendance Arrangements

There is no formal Study Leave for Year 13 students. Attendance is expected at all lessons up to each individual exam. Teachers will be expecting you and will plan lessons for you. On any day where you have an exam, you will only be expected in lessons if they are for that subject.

However, there will be some changes to general attendance expectations at Supervisions, according to the following guidelines.

  1. Attendance at Supervisions is no longer necessary if you have a lesson at Fitzharrys or Larkmead P1 or P5

  2. Attendance at Supervisions is required if you have a lesson in John Mason either P1 or P5.

  3. Attendance is compulsory for all Assemblies

  4. Attendance is still required for Pathways groups on Thursday afternoon

  5. Attendance at Complementary Studies will be a clinic system, based on individual need. You will be invited to attend if we feel you need the extra support.

  6. You will be required to attend at least one session a week by appointment with your tutor to discuss and manage revision plans, work load and progress.

The impact of these will be very individual to each student. The number of these meetings will depend on your predicted grades at the most recent data collection. It is ESSENTIAL that you meet with your tutor by Monday, with a timetable, to discuss and make these appointments, and plan your attendance pattern.

Our first Sixth Form Public Debate

Max (12AKG) proposes the motion

Max (12AKG) proposes the motion

Eleanor and Abigail (12RMM) oppose the motion that this country is already not a part of Europe. Despite their best efforts the motion was carried.

Next week, the debate will be on the proposition that Animal testing is justified.

Abingdon School careers fair

This is one of two Careers Fairs that we are encouraging Year 12 to attend. This one has the advantage of being local, accessible to Parents, but also has apprenticeship providers as well as Universities in attendance. WE look forward to seeing you there.

Futures Fair poster january 2019
March Parent Information Evening.pptx

March parent information evening - presentation