Expedition Kit List

DofE Gold Suggested Kit List.docx

Practices all successfully completed. Bring on the Wye (11/4/19)

All the groups completed their practices with aplomb, despite strong headwinds and variable weather. They are definitely ready for whatever the Wye will throw at them in May.

Sun breaks out on Group Two (10/4/19)

Relaxed paddling, making the most of the fine Spring weather on Day Two

Off and Paddling - Take 2 (9/4/19)

Our second group of paddlers take to the waves.

Day Three - (8/4/19)

Group 1 home and hosed. 'Best paddlers I have ever seen', Rhod the Instructor

Day two at Newbridge (8/4/19)

D of E Gold Award - Group 1 Practice Expedition leaving from Lechlade (7/4/19)

Federico wonders where the water has gone, our swan instructor supervises entry to the lock at Lechlade, and Billy leads his group in pre-paddle meditation.

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